LOOPS #426

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Loops is a Tuesday night bike ride through out central Denver. The ride covers approximately 15 to 20 miles and makes 3 to 4 stops along the way. Riders are encouraged to ride at their own pace and meet at the stops that are posted on the day of the ride. The ride meets every Tuesday night at Our Mutual Friend Brewery (28th & Larimer) Come out and ride with us, make friends, and have a good time.

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New Route ! “Englewood”


Loops VII Anniversary Race + Party Recap

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Fun was had by all for the Loops VII Year Anniversary. Here are some photos to prove it.(Photography © Scott Colby)

Loops 7 Year Anniversary Bike Race + Party // Saturday, August 22nd @ Our Mutual Friend Brewery

1. Josh Rivas (1hr 36min)
2. Nick (1hr 37min)
3. George Jordan (1hr 40min)
4. Jeff Crist (1hr 42min)
5. Peter Cook (1hr 43min)
6. Mike Mioliorini (1hr 45min)
7. Jesse May (1hr 52min)
8. Tom McGoldrick (1hr 57min)
9. Phil Horne (1hr 58min)
10. Alex Weese (1hr 58min)
11. Jason Lubniewski (1hr 59min)
12. Cassidy Russell (2hrs)
13. Andy Vickery (2hrs 1min)
14. Tsinni Russell (2hr 1min)
15. Cale Keenders (2hrs 24min)
16. Christopher Gee (2hr 58min) DFL
DQ Trevor Smith

1. Kristyn Wade (2hr 25min)

Thanks for the great tunes:
Plastic Daggers
Dead Palms

Thanks to our sponsors:
Smith Optics
Pabst Blue Ribbon
crema coffeehouse
Our Mutual Friend Brewery
State Bicycle Co.
Broox Pulford
The Urban Cyclist Denver
CoCo Bikes
Gallus Cycles
Our Mutual Friend Brewery